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Winners of the 2015 ACS Judging & Competition

The American Cheese Society has announced the winners for the 2015 Judging and Competition! Click here for a full PDF of all of the winners, and see below for Best in Show and winners in the Farmstead Cheese category.

Best of Show

1st Place: Celtic Blue Reserve

Glengarry Fine Cheese | Ontario, Canada
Cheesemaker: Wilma Klein-Swormink

2nd Place TIED: Standard Market Cave Aged Chandoka

LaClare Farms Specialties | LLC | Malone, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker: Katie (Hedrich) Fuhrmann and LaClare Team

2nd Place TIED: Roth’s Private Reserve

Emmi Roth USA | Monroe, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker: Team Emmi Roth USA

3rd Place: Harbison

Jasper Hill Farm | Greensboro, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Mateo Kehler

Farmstead Cheeses

Limited to cheeses and fermented milk products made with milk from herds on the farm where the cheeses are produced

Farmstead Cheeses Aged less than 60 Days—All Milks (MA)

1st Place: : Petit Marcel

Pugs Leap | Petaluma, California
Cheesemaker: Jennifer Kirkham

2nd Place TIED: Rippleton

Meadowood Farms| Cazenovia, New York
Cheesemaker: Veronica Pedraza

2nd Place TIED: Summer Snow

Woodcock Farm | Weston, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Mark & Gari Fischer

3rd Place: Tide Line

Winter Hill Farm | Freeport, Maine
Cheesemaker: Sarah Wiederkehr

Farmstead Cheeses Aged 60 Days or More—39% or Higher Moisture—Made from Cow’s Milk (MC)

1st Place: Winnimere

Jasper Hill Farm | Greensboro, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Mateo Kehler

2nd Place: Dancing Fern

Sequatchie Cove Creamery | Sequatchie, Tennessee
Cheesemaker: Nathan Arnold

3rd Place: Grayson

Meadow Creek Dairy | Galax, Virginia
Cheesemaker: Helen Feete

Farmstead Cheeses Aged 60 days or More—Less than 39% Moisture—Made from Cow’s Milk (ME)

1s Place: Tarentaise

Farms For City Kids Foundation | Reading, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Spring Brook Farm Team

2nd Place: Marieke Gouda Aged (9-12 Month)

Holland’s Family Cheese | Thorp, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker: Marieke Gouda Cheese Team

3rd Place: Extra-Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Uplands Cheese | Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker: Uplands Cheese

Farmstead Cheeses Aged 60 days or More—made from Goat’s Milk (MG)

1st Place: Rosa Maria

Shadow Brook Farm’s Dutch Girl Creamery| Lincoln, Nebraska
Cheesemaker: Charuth Van Beuzekom

2nd Place: Samson

Pugs Leap | Petaluma, California
Cheesemaker: Jennifer Kirkham

3rd Place: Manchester

Consider Bardwell Farm | West Pawlet, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Consider Bardwell Farm

Farmstead Cheeses Aged 60 Days or More—Made from Sheep’s | Mixed, or Other Milks (MS)

1st Place: Verano

Vermont Shepherd | Putney, Vermont
Cheesemaker: David Major

2nd Place TIED: Ben Nevis

Bonnieview Farm | Craftsbury, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Neil Urie

2nd Place TIED: Fleur des Monts

Fromagerie La Moutonniere | Québec, Canada
Cheesemaker: Lucille Giroux

3rd Place: Will o’ Wisp

Fairy Tale Farm | Bridport, Vermont
Cheesemaker: Alissa Shethar

Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley is culture's former web editor and never ceases to thank his nameless human ancestor who figured that leaving some milk around for a while and then eating it was probably a great idea. Raised on California’s Central Coast, educated in the Pacific Northwest, and transplanted to New England, Grant likes to write, edit, and code things.

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