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Cheese + Beer: Hefeweizen

Germany’s cloudy, fragrant hefeweizen is summer’s signature beer—and a friend to goat’s milk cheeses.

high acid red wine being chilled in a bucket of ice

Chilled Red Wine

Red wine on ice? Chilled red wine is completely sensible in summer if you go with bright, high-acid pours

A selection of cheeses whose rinds have been washed with alcohol

Booze Washed Rind Cheeses

Cheesemonger Carolyn Bender gives examples on how to do a funky twist on cheese and wine pairing by serving cheeses whose rinds have been washed in alcohol

Cheese + Beer: Fruit Beers

Beers brewed with fruits are the perfect sips for spring.

Domestic Tranquility

American barley wines pair perfectly with stateside cheeses

Champagne Pour Vous

French “grower Champagnes” and small-batch sparkling wines are worthy of your best cheese

A trio of harvesters ply the rows of tea trees on a misty mountainside.

Drinks with Cheese: Tea

Inspired pairings of tea and cheese

Cheese + Wine: Cabernet Franc

As spring’s fresh cheeses arrive, some wine lovers see red