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Wellies are intentionally white in order to expose dirt before entering a very sanitary environment—such as the creameries you might visit. Boots are $15–$20 at Alibaba.

T’s Me

The assets possessed by a T-shirt are numerous, the most notable being its power to silently broadcast the wearer’s personal persuasions while nonchalantly hanging out above any old jeans. As devotees of all things cheese, we find that there are moments when this comes in very handy. For example, when explaining the fine alchemy of […]

Charming Goat Pendants

Sport your love of goats wherever you go with these charming, hand-drawn, browsing goat pendants made by Christina Cassidy in Florida. Each piece is an original drawing in India ink on polymer clay and is finished with acrylic for protection. This pendant is $25 from Christina’s Etsy shop—there are others on her site from $30–$50.

Mohair/Wool Slippers

Slippers may be indoor apparel, but this pair is worth showing off to the neighbors. Made with a mohair-wool blend, these felted slippers are wonderful to the touch, warm in the winter, cool in the heat, and naturally resistant to scary foot odors. Hand-knitted, bright blue with a variegated blue sole, and equipped with a […]

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