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Santa gadea cheese

Green Cheese: Santa Gadea

Santa Gadea is a Spanish goat creamery that is on the forefront of sustainable farming

grafton village cheese community involvement

Green Cheese: Grafton Village Cheese

Grafton Village Cheese is turning the traditional idea of “sustainability” on its head

cultured cow herd

Green Cheese: The Cultured Cow Creamery

Not only is The Cultured Cow Creamery finding alternative ways to feed their cows, they’re trying to replicate it across the globe

Solar panels

Green Cheese: Black Mesa Ranch

Solar power can be a gift from above, but it also requires dedication to live “off the grid”

Mary’s Dairy Diary March 2014

See what’s happening on Mary Quicke’s dairy farm this month!

Green Cheese: Straus Family Creamery

A single cow can produce 120 pounds of manure a day. Multiply that by a few hundred cows and it quickly adds up to a very large, very dirty, dilemma

Green Cheese: Introduction

It can be hard to find a balance that keeps your cheese-loving taste buds satisfied and the planet happy, which is why intern Alicia is learning about Green Cheese

Mary’s Dairy Diary July 2013

The summer is slowly cranking up – we are past the longest day. The mad rush of spring catching up on lost time after our extended winter – everything from March to June happening at once – has quieted. Now we want the sedate and orderly progression of seasons. As farmers, we are so reliant […]

Musical Chairs or How to choose a Site?

When Rose and I first spoke about their cheesemaking plans, she explained that one of the big obstacles was that they had not yet found an appropriate place on the estate to build the dairy. A couple of places had been proposed. She had her favourite. Neither one was without its problems. One of them, […]

Mary’s Dairy Diary May 2013

The miracle of spring is here in May. The farm had a bleak and wintry look through to the end of April, every bit of our 52 degrees north of latitude – we are as far north as Newfoundland. Buds burst into a blasting cold gale, the grass shrivelled into purple bonsai, all the right […]