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cheese and jicama

Great 28: Cheese + Jicama

Jícama might be one of the most underrated root vegetables in our modern diet. Pronounced HEE-ka-mah, the tuber is the edible part of a poisonous vine native to Mexico, and is sometimes called a Mexican turnip (likely because a whole jícama root resembles a turnip). Its crisp, white flesh, which emits a clear or lightly […]

Cheese and Vinyl Pairings for Every Kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and we know that everything has to be perfect. The outfit, the plans, the companion, the food—it’s all got to be just right. If you’re like us, you’ve got your date night cheese plate already figured out. But seductive cheese deserves a flirtatious soundtrack. How can you expect to set the […]