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Buffalo cheesemaking in Lombardy, Italy

Buffalo at Quattro Portoni farm in Lombardy, Italy where buffalo milk cheeses are produced

While mozzarella is probably the best-known buffalo cheese, buffalo milk can be used to make all types of cheese, even blue veined and brie-style. Quattro Portoni is a family-run farmhouse cheesery in Lombardy, Italy specialising in buffalo milk cheese. Over the years, they have adapted traditional cheese recipes from the region (including Taleggio and Gorgonzola), to be made with 100% buffalo milk sourced from their own herd. Co-owner and head cheesemaker Bruno Gritti, and his daughter Michela show Channel Cheese host Alison Brien around the farm and talk about some of their trademark cheeses.

Video Credit: Video shared courtesy of Cheese Channel

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