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In Queso You Missed It June 30

Costco has done it again! This bulk-food superstore recently released a pre-packaged cheese flight in select stores and the choices are pretty appetizing: Yellow Door Creamery’s Monteau alpine and fontina, Jasper Hill Farm’s Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, El Pastor’s red wine-soaked goat cheese, and Torero Matador’s 12-month Manchego. Unwrap the cheeses, arrange them on a platter, and you’re good to go. Plus, they even have wine pairing suggestions!

Here’s what else you might have missed in cheese news:

  • Chuck E. Cheese is bringing the party to your house. They recently announced a service that delivers pizza (for up to 12 people), dessert, and decorations…but it costs $125. We might just stick with Little Caesars.
  • One-upmanship is immature but undeniably fun. If you’re looking to impress your fellow turophiles, this list of little-known cheeses might just come in handy. 
  • If the list above isn’t going to cut it, and you’re willing to spend $1,136 a pound, you might want to consider pule
  • The US cheese surplus has been in the danger zone for a while now. However, for the fourth time in history, American cheese inventory from April to May actually declined.
  • Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard Apple being ridiculed for the Mac Pro that resembles a cheese grater. One Youtuber actually decided to put the analogy to the test.

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