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New on the Market for Spring 2020

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Nothing gets us more fired up than ethically-sourced, pesticide-free spices from Diaspora Co. Their latest flavor bomb, Single Origin Guntur Sannam Chilli Powder, adds a fruity, even heat to any last-minute dinner; just a pinch boosts mac and cheese, chili, or creamy curry to the next level.

A compact blue beauty, Jasper Hill Farm’s recent creation Bridgman Bluemarks one of the decorated cheesemaker’s first forays into the caprine world. A touch sweeter than Jasper Hill’s tried-and-true Bayley Hazen Blue, this creamy mixed-milk cheese also boasts a piquant, goaty bite. Pair this salty-sweet wedge with seedy crackers or bright dried fruit.

Our pantry goals for 2020? Create a pantry as beautiful as it is delicious. Known for their stylishly empowering “Pine For” pantry guides, Pineapple Collaborative recently launched their own line of pantry staples to promote small-batch, women-made products. The Olive Oil is organic, perfect for dipping or drizzling over mozzarella, and comes in three sumptuously-colored tins.

Put down the plastic and protect your cheese—and the environment—with Z Wraps reusable beeswax food wraps. Mix and match your favorite signature cotton fabric designs with their new Multi-Pack option. From leftover cheddar wedges to fresh baguettes, Z Wraps have your cheeseboard leftovers covered.

In the words of the master-makers at Vermont Creamery: “These hand-rolled fresh goat cheese logs are chèvrything.” Coated in the classic sweet and savory spice blend, Everything Goat Cheese tastes great with preserved mushrooms, floral honey, or even dark chocolate.

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