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Get To Know Murcia Al Vino PDO Cheese

Murcia al Vino PDO cheese is made from the pasteurized, high-fat milk of Murciana goats, grazed in the arid, coastal region around Jumilla, Spain. After pressing and salting, the wheels are bathed in local wine made from Monastrell grapes. Complemented by floral and fruity flavors from the edible rind, the creamy, mild, and snack-able cheese has none of the funk people often associate with goat cheese. Murcia al Vino PDO is the only European goat cheese soaked in red wine.

What is PDO?

Awarded by the European Union, PDO—Protected Designation of Origin—means that a cheese is made in a specific place, by specific, time-honored methods. The standards for Murcia al Vino PDO, which includes every aspect of the cheesemaking process—from what the animals are fed to how and where the cheese is aged—are enforced by a consortium, the Consejo Regulador de las DOP Queso de Murcia y Queso de Murcia al Vino. For cheesemongers and consumers, the PDO seal is a guarantee of authenticity.

In the dry, sub-tropical climate of the Murcia region, Murciana goats graze freely on native grasses and plants; their diet is supplemented with olive branches, legumes and grains. The goats are milked once a day, and it takes nearly five gallons of their milk to produce one wheel of Murcia al Vino PDO. The cheese is aged for a minimum of 45 days, and then soaked in the wine that gives the wheels their characteristic plum-colored rind.

Create a Murcia al Vino PDO cheeseboard

One of the most popular cheeses in Spain, Murcia al Vino PDO is especially beautiful on a cheese plate. The deep burgundy rind offers a striking contrast to the bone white interior, and it should be sliced so that each piece includes some of the rind.

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