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One Cheese, Five Ways: Gouda as Gold

Among one of the oldest cheeses on record, Gouda was named after the town of the marketplace where it was originally traded in the southern Netherlands during the Middle Ages. Because its name refers to a general Dutch cheesemaking process, a variety of cheeses come from the Gouda family. It’s a superb example of how time can create completely different flavor profiles within the same cheese.

Gouda can be made from various milk types and is aged anywhere from one to 36 months, yielding semi-hard to hard wheels. Most Goudas are coated with wax to protect the cheese from drying out, but all are shaped into large flat wheels. Young Goudas are creamy in texture and quite mild, making them superb melters. As Gouda ages, the texture becomes firm and crunchy bits of tyrosine (cheese proteins) are present throughout. The flavor matures into nutty caramel-like notes. The following recipes celebrate their differences and play to each of their strengths in the kitchen.

1. Fig and Apple Salad with Shaved Goat Gouda

This light and crunchy salad is fresh and packed with flavor, perfect for warm summer days when you don’t feel like cooking.

2. Kaasstengel

Inspired by the Indo-Dutch, traditional Kaasstengel, these “cheese stems” can be customized with spices of your choosing. Enjoy as a snack or as a part of a charcuterie board. 

3. Pan-Fried Chicken Thighs in Gouda Mustard Sauce

Crispy-skinned chicken is bathed in a creamy, tangy sauce. Serve alongside rice or buttered egg noodles for a full comfort food meal.

4. Gouda Beer Cheese Dip

This smooth and smoky dip is best accompanied with salty soft pretzels, grilled kielbasa, pickles, and fresh cut vegetables.

5. Aged Gouda Sandwich Cookies

Sweet and a little savory, these cookies play off the salty caramel flavors of aged gouda. Pair with bourbon or sweet vermouth for dessert.

Jackie Botto

Jackie Botto is the food stylist and photographer for the Philadelphia cheese mecca, Di Bruno Bros. and the curator of their blog series, In the Kitchen with Jackie.

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