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Ashia Aubourg is culture's Assistant Digital Editor. She received her BA in Food Studies and Policy Studies from Syracuse University, where she researched components that make up equitable food systems. She previously held print and digital roles at Food & Wine, Cuisine Noir, America's Test Kitchen, and others, where her writing unearthed underrepresented narratives within food, travel, and culture. Before starting her writing career, she held food policy and social impact roles across various nonprofits and companies. Ashia currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Fuzzy Udder Creamery

Maine Creamery Seeks a New ‘Passionate’ Owner

Fuzzy Udder’s founder, Jessie Dowling, who’s led the company for 13 years, shares that she’s looking for a buyer to take its growth to the next level.

TikTok Cheese Hacks

TikTok Swears By These Holiday Cheese Hacks

Here are some of the most mesmerizing and exciting ideas we’ve spotted just in time for the holidays. 

Robiola Bosnia

10 Holiday Cheeses Recommended by Culture Staffers

Culture staff shares their go-to picks—that way, you can find some fromage-centered-joy this holiday season. 

culture cheese magazine

Presenting the 2023 Culture Centerfolds

Culture celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of cheese through our centerfold features. Each issue tells the unique story of a cheese wheel or wedge, capturing its essence through stunning photography and expert storytelling.

Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwich Operation

Half Million in Funding Awarded to Dairy Businesses Across the Pacific Coast 

The Pacific Coast Coalition—Dairy Business Innovation Initiative (PCC-DBII) is committed to investing in the dairy industry’s resiliency, ensuring that folks can continue to enjoy delicious milk-based treats for generations to come.

Chef’s Dish: A Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant Showcases Menu Featuring Parmigiano Reggiano 

Junoon, a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its robust Indian menu, has recently demonstrated how Parmigiano Reggiano pairs impressively with other cuisines without compromising cultural flavors. 

Cheese wreath from Lady & Larder

This Seasonal Cheese Gift Supports Organizations Addressing Food Insecurity 

CMAB released a collaboration with Lady & Larder—a family-owned and California-based cheese shop—to offer a seasonal gift available for purchase. The partnership involves a holiday-themed cheese wreath with locally sourced ingredients, and with each one ordered, CMAB will donate to Feeding America, an organization addressing food insecurity. 

cremoso cheese

If You Plan on Gifting Cheese This Year—Here’s Your Guide

To help you find the perfect present, we’ve rounded up a list of ideas spanning cheese subscriptions, boxes, and more. 

fondue pot

The Ultimate Gift Guide for People Obsessed With Cheese 

We’ve scoured the internet to develop a list of ideas guaranteed to put a smile on any true cheese lover’s face.