10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cheese Lovers 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cheese Lovers
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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cheese Lovers

You can’t go wrong with these brie-lliant ideas.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we guarantee someone in your life swoons over cheese. Perhaps your mother adores gouda, your best friend relishes burrata, or your partner enjoys a classic blue. We’re not telling you to skip the flowers or chocolates this year, but why not couple those treats with a delicious wedge? (Bonus points if you snag one from a local shop or farm.)

We’ve researched and tested a few options to give you a head start. Browse some of our favorite picks just in time for the holiday.

Murray’s Cheese and Roses Board

Cancel the reservations and curate a special evening inside. For the starter, you’ll want to have this heart-themed box from Murray’s on the table. We’re talking rose-shaped salami, Valentine’s Day-inspired snackable cheddar, and a decadent mini package of chocolates, all from the comfort of your home.

Alemar Cheese Love Bites Gift Box

You’ll win the hearts of all your friends at this year’s Valentine’s Day party if you show up with this box. It’s stacked with a heart-shaped lactic set wedge—inspired by their award-winning Apricity, a miso-washed blue cheese, loads of chocolate, rose salami, and raspberry rosewater jam. It’s genuinely a drool-worthy package.

Godminster Cheese Lovers Gift Box

This is not your typical cheddar. For Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a box full of unique heart-shaped cheeses ranging in flavors like chili garlic and truffle. It comes with sourdough crackers and a beetroot apple chutney. So, all they need to do is curate it beautifully on a board. 

Belle Cheese Board Greek Kiss Valentine’s Day Box

You’ll be the GOAT this year if you show up with a bouquet and this delicious box of goat cheese. The chèvre arrives wrapped in a brined grape leaf, absorbing salty and lemony flavors. Plus, some tasty accompaniments like a sweet and spicy pomegranate, berry, and jalapeño compote, and honey graham crackers.

Sweet Grass Dairy Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Collection

Sweet Grass curated a box with products from all over the world featuring heart-shaped soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese, gouda, and other delicious bites. They understand the importance of chocolate on this day, so the package is stocked with raspberry-infused bars and other Valentine’s Day-themed accompaniments.

Crave Brother’s Udderly in Love Gift Box

Your loved one can savor creamy chocolate mascarpone, perfect for dipping strawberries. Plus, heart-shaped mozzarella that’s delicious when paired with prosecco. To customize this box further, you can add a special note from Crave Brother’s cows. A portion of all the proceeds from these sales also gets donated to the American Heart Association.

Uplands Cheese Valentine’s Day Gift Box

This gift will satisfy any sweet, savory, or salty cravings. It comes with a wedge of Pleasant Ridge Reserve—the most-awarded cheese in US history. Plus, seriously delicious accompaniments like chocolate-covered caramels from Wisconsin’s legendary chocolatier, Gail Ambrosius.

Marieke Gouda Cheese Lover Box

Rather than receiving a curated cheese box, Marieke lets you mix and match wedges to customize it to your loved one’s liking. We’re talking gouda with various flavors like smoky chipotle, zesty hatch pepper, and decadent truffle. We promise there’s something on this list that’ll catch your eye.

Rogue Creamery Tea and Cheese Pairing Box

For a calming and grounding gift, consider nixing the spa day and sending your loved one this unique box. It’s filled with a dozen herbal teas and three different cheeses. That way, you can spend the day relaxing and sipping warm brews with tasty accompaniments.

Point Reyes Cheese Cares Box

Yes, we agree that Valentine’s Day focuses extensively on buying gifts. Still, this box allows you to do that and support organizations addressing food insecurity. When you purchase this package, a percentage of the proceeds will get donated to the California Association of Food Banks.


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