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Articles written by Carlos Yescas

Carlos Yescas is a cheese scholar and book author. He serves as the Program Director of the Oldways Cheese Coalition, a US-based non-profit promoting artisanal cheese and protecting traditional cheesemaking practices. He is the founder of Lactography in Mexico and a supreme judge of the World Cheese Awards.

Queso Without Borders: Se Vende Queso Fresco

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve seen a sign with that phrase, which translates to “queso fresco for sale,” anywhere in the US.

cumin cheese

Pass Me That Cumin Cheese

Boren Leyden with cumin was one of the unique cheeses that the author sampled at the Cheese20 festival in Italy. The flavor is sweet, almost with caramel notes, followed by a nice round earthy flavor from the cumin.

Raw-Milk Cheese: US Comes Of Age

Three raw-milk cheesemakers share their tales of battles won while producing cheese in an adverse regulatory environment.

Poncelet Cheese Bar exterior

Queso in Madrid

Discover the stores and cheese bars in Madrid that showcase the great diversity of Spanish cheesemaking and its long culture and complexity

Cheese Plate: History con Queso

This cheese plate offers a flavorful introduction to Mexico’s cheesemaking culture

Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower at sunset

Cheese dining in Paris

Don’t miss two of the best restaurants in town next time you’re looking for cheese in Paris

Cheese Bars in Paris

You love cheese; you are travelling to Paris, where should you go for a cheese dinner?