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vibrant bright green kale crepes wraped around melted cheddar cheese and tomato salsa

Kale Crepes with Cheddar & Salsa

These vibrant, veggie-fortified crepes are folded around a classic quesadilla-like filling

Baked scone dotted with cheddar cheese on a metallic plate with a butter knife

Maple-Cheddar Pecan Scones

Only lightly sweetened, these cheese-studded maple-cheddar pecan scones make the perfect snack or meal accompaniment any time of day

Rustic winter galette tart with squash and onions on china plate

Winter Squash Galette with Cheddar, Rosemary, and Caramelized Onions

Winter squash and caramelized onions impart subtle sweetness to this free-form rustic tart

bowl of winter coleslaw with yellow cheddar, red cabbage, and green onion

Winter Slaw with Apples, Cheddar, & Walnuts

Orange-hued, extra-sharp cheddar and “cured” cabbage make this colorful slaw pop as part of a winter meal