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Eric Ginsburg is a North Carolina-based independent journalist and storyteller who focuses on food justice.

Meat and Cheese: Sausage Stars

Sausages might be a cookout essential, especially in states like Wisconsin with a long history of German immigration. But for many people, the term “sausage” brings to mind highly processed store-bought products loaded with additives, and meat with murky origins. That’s exactly what butcher and cooking instructor Meredith Leigh wants to change. “In our culture, […]

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Cheddar cheese ice cream is huge in the Philippines, where it’s alternately marketed askeso, queso, and quezo. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory makes its Cow Cow Soft Cream using Hokkaido Gouda and two kinds of cream cheese and sells it far beyond Japan’s borders. Grocery chains across Russia carry Raffy ice cream, which offers flavors such […]

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