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Goat Cheeses of France is the official US campaign for spreading the word on the over 3,000 goat cheese producers and about 60 dairy companies responsible for the exceptional quality, shapes, textures, and tastes of the Original Chèvre.

Shaking Up Chèvre: Bucherondin & Le Cornilly

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the fromages de chèvre in all its many forms…

Savory Cake with Bucherondin & Marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Savory cakes are one of the culinary delights I have fallen in love with in France, and I wanted to try my hand at making one here

Pear & Dried Fruit Compote

For the compote, I deferred to my friend Amy, the mastermind behind Lemon Bird Preserves

Shaking Up Chèvre: Crottin de Champcol & Pico

Finally in receipt of the tangy Pico and classic Crottin de Champcol, the Accidental Locavore needed to come up with a good recipe for them…

Local Apple Relish

This is a terrific year for apples, and there are literally thousands of them, ripe for the picking.

Trois Chèvres Mac and Cheese

The sweetness of roasted cauliflower works well with the pungency of goat cheese.

Shaking Up Chèvre: Tomme de Chèvre Bethmale & Valençay

You know you’re having a good day when Culture Magazine and Goat Cheeses of France send you two very generous portions of French goat cheese…

White Pizzeta with Valençay, Zucchini, and Spicy Honey

The first time we ever tested this recipe was a couple of years ago, on L’île d’Yeu (a little French island on the Atlantic Ocean near Vendée)…

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