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Kate Arding is an independent dairy consultant specializing in small-scale cheese production and an original co-founder of culture: the word on cheese. A native of Britain, Kate has worked in the farmhouse cheese industry for 18 years, first as wholesale manager for Neal's Yard Dairy in London and later helping establish Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods in California. Since 2003 Kate has worked extensively both in the United States and overseas as an independent consultant, specializing in affinage, sales and marketing, and helping small-scale cheesemakers adapt to changing market demands.

cottage cheese with strawberries on top with a pitcher of milk in the background

I’m Lactose Intolerant—What Cheese Can I Eat?

Cheesemonger Kate Arding advises those who are lactose intolerant but still need their cheese

¡Bienvenidos á Puerto Rico!

Cheesemaking in Puerto Rico and exploring Old San Juan

Two hands wrapping a wedge of cheese in plain brown paper

How to Wrap Cheese

Preserve your wedges (and pyramids and cylinders) with these folding strategies

Rennet’s Role

Ever wonder how liquid milk turns into solid cheese? The answer lies in a bit of molecular magic

Funny Business: DIY Cheese Cards

Take a cue from creative retailers, and create your own homemade cheese cards so you can serve your cheese with some playful prose

Unsung Cheese Heroes of the Allgäu

In recent years, some amazing cheeses from Bavaria and the Allgäu region are finally gaining the wider attention and acclaim they deserve

Separation Anxiety

To avoid a messy cheese meltdown, choose one that can take the heat

liquid rennet being diluted in custard cup of water

Where Does Animal Rennet Come From?

Kate Arding explains where the magic coagulating agent comes from and the process of obtaining it.