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Molly McDonough

Articles written by Molly McDonough

Associate Editor Molly McDonough worked for cheesemakers in Switzerland and the US before earning a Master's degree in Agriculture and Food Science at the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture in Angers, France. After spending a year in Romania working on rural development projects with Heifer International, she returned home to Boston and joined the culture team in 2015.


Dishing With America’s Top Cheesemaker

When do you know that this cheese will be a winner? Culture speaks with Jeremy Stephenson, the maker of ACS 2017’s winning cheese, Tarentaise Reserve, on his strategy.

Calum Hodgson

Cheese Gets Heavy Metal Treatment

Based on findings that bacteria can pick up external signals, Curd Nerd Calum Hodgson blasted a constant stream of heavy metal into the maturation cellar in NZ

Why Copper Vats Matter

Why are so many iconic aged cheeses made using copper vats?

Neville McNaughton at Baetje Farms in Bloomsdale, MO - April 24, 2017

Voicings: Dairy Consultant Neville McNaughton

Dairy consultant Neville McNaughton dishes on the cheese scene

ghost pepper jack cheese

Some Like It Hot: Feel the Burn with Spicy Cheeses

Cheese has become a vehicle for America’s infatuation with spice

A Matter of Taste: Detecting Nutty Notes in Curds

Why do we sense nutty flavors in cheese?


Know Your Nuts

Botany is full of surprises when it comes to our favorite shelled snacks