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Emily B. Hall is a Texas-based photographer

A grilled cheese sandwich layered with High Road vanilla ice cream

High Road Vanilla Melt

Vanilla Fleur de Sel ice cream is the bonus ingredient in these gooey grilled cheese sandwiches made with aged cheddar; the ultimate indulgent dessert

Lemon mascarpone ice cream in a bowl topped with lemon zest and garnished with a bay leaf

Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream

Mascarpone adds a subtly thicker texture to this ice cream while bright lemon juice and zest add zing, creating an ice cream both refreshing and rich

Ice cream made with balsamic and parmesan, with a rosemary garnish by the side

Rosemary Balsamic Parmigiano Ice Cream

Savory rosemary and salty slivers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cut the syrupy-sweetness of balsamic glaze in this innovative ice cream recipe

Three scoops of pistachio, honey, ricotta ice cream in a bowl

Pistachio Honey Ricotta Ice Cream

This one-of-a-kind ice cream gets its flavor from roasted, chopped pistachios, fresh ricotta, and ribbons of honey

Two ice cream cones each with a melty scoop of Caramelized Banana-Blue ice cream

Caramelized Banana-Blue Ice Cream

This creamy concoction gets its striking appearance and dramatic flavor contrasts from finely crumbled blue cheese (High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet uses Point Reyes Original Blue) and flecks of dark chocolate stracciatella