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Profiteroles with Gruyère Caramel

Profiteroles with Gruyère Caramel

Gruyère and caramel together might raise an eyebrow or two, but it really works—the nutty Alpine wheel gives the sweet sauce a cheesy twang

Robiola panna cotta

Robiola Panna Cotta

Tangy, milky Robiola due Latti, made with cow’s and sheep’s milks, shines in this delicate custard

Poached pear pastry

Poached Pear Pastry

Port, pears, and piquant blue cheese come together in an unexpected way

cherry jam tart

Cherry Jam Tart

Salty, flaky sheep’s milk cheese gives extra dimension to the already buttery crust of this fruity tart

Classic tiramisu

Classic Tiramisu

Strong coffee offsets layers of sugary ladyfinger cookies and decadent mascarpone in this celebrated no-bake dessert

Matcha-goat cheese brownies. Photo by Evi Abeler

Matcha-Goat Cheese Brownies

It’s hard to improve on fudgy chocolate perfection, but these dense squares—gilded with tart green tea-chèvre frosting—do just that