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Wil Edwards is a writer, photographer, and currently a Culinary Initiative Coordinator at the Manhattan-based nonprofit Fedcap. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

A trio of brown-and-white–spotted cows march in a line up a grassy knoll.

Normande Cows

The Normande cow is a breed apart

A group of Pecora Sarda sheep huddle together in a barn.

Pecora Sarda Sheep

Meet the long-haired lowland sheep of Sardinia

Two American alpine goats nuzzle one another and butt heads in this black and white image

American Alpine Goats

A romping, affectionate breed, American Alpine goats are appreciated for their adaptability and high milk production, which goes into award-winning cheeses at Redwood Hill Farm, Cypress Grove, Capriole, and Twig Farm

A cocoa rind

Art of the Rind

When a camera zooms in on the surface of cheese, some see modern art