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Art of the Rind

A cocoa rind

Shimmering Substance

1. “Shimmering Substance”
tribute to jackson pollack

Devil’s Gulch (Petaluma, CA)
pasteurized organic Jersey cow’s milk cheese with red pepper flakes
aged 4 weeks

Nightfall on the Thames

2. “Nightfall on the Thames”
tribute to atkinson grimshaw

(TOP) Langres (Champagne-Adennes, France)
soft cow’s milk cheese washed in brine and Marc de Champagne
aged 4–5 weeks

(BOTTOM) Saint Maure de Touraine (Loire Valley, France)
pasteurized goat’s milk cheese coated in charcoal
aged 2–3 weeks

Pallas Athene

3. “Pallas Athene”
tribute to gustav klimt

Mimolette Vielle (Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France)
hard raw cow’s milk cheese
aged 2 years

White Flower

4. “White Flower”
tribute to agnes martin

Petit Basque (French Pyrenees)
pasteurized sheep’s milk
aged 2–3 months

Flight of the Swallows

5. “Flight of the Swallows”
tribute to Giacomo Balla

Monte Enebro (Ávila, Spain)
pasteurized goat’s milk with a blue mold rind
aged 3–4 weeks

Untitled Geometric

6. “Untitled Geometric”
tribute to barry mcgee

Manchego Viejo (Castile–La Mancha, Spain)
raw Manchega sheep’s milk
aged at least 2 months


7. “Sacco”
tribute to alberto burri

Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo (Sardinia, Italy)
firm sheep’s milk cheese with truffles
aged 5 months

Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles

8. “Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles”
tribute to faith ringgold

Dallenwiler Wychas (Obwalden, Switzerland)
pasteurized goat’s milk cheese
aged 3 months


9. “Snowstorm”
tribute to william turner

Tomme de Savoie (Savoie, Southeast France)
raw cow’s milk cheese
aged 2–3 months

Photographer Wil Edwards

Wil Edwards is a writer, photographer, and currently a Culinary Initiative Coordinator at the Manhattan-based nonprofit Fedcap. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.