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Table of Contents: Autumn 2014

culture: the word on cheese  autumn 2014 magazine cover


1 cheese 5 ways home made blue cheese dip for buffalo wings

True Blue – Five recipes to showcase blue cheese’s bold flavor, including a dazzling dip for Buffalo wings.

By Elaine Khosrova

Delicious, oozy fondue dripping from a piece of broccoli
Fondue, We Love You – Dip into crisp autumn days and cool evenings with a pot of decadent melted cheese.

By Caroline Wright

Almnas Tegel cheese with a child's footprint on it

 Footsteps in Time – A cheese with a child’s footprint on its rind? Meet Almnäs Tegel.

By Kristine Jannuzzi 

Two unique German cheeses from culture's autumn style article

 Evolution in the Make – German cheesemakers reinvigorate the country’s artisan landscape.

By Ursula Heinzelmann

 Not Just Kidding – Avalanche Cheese Company’s founder Wendy Mitchell broadens her focus beyond goat cheese.

By Amanda Rae Busch


A Cheese Plate – Invite bold flavors from the southeastern US to your next tailgate.

Maple syrup being poured into a clear glass bowl

 Sides & Savories – With a surprisingly wide  flavor profiles, maple syrup makes a fun match for cheese.

 The Mediterranean Diet – Chef Ana Sortun brings the culinary traditions and cheeses of Turkey to Boston’s burbs.


Wine + Cheese  – Biodynamic wines showcase terroir just as well as their conventional counterparts—and pairings abound.

Beer + Cheese – Balanced brown ales harmonize with nutty, rich cheeses and diverse accompaniments.


Southern Exposure – Upstate South Carolina’s rich agricultural heritage supports a burgeoning cheese scene.

Urban Excursion – Where to shop for, dine on, and learn about traditional queijo in and around Lisbon, Portugal.


In Season – Spiky Romanesco broccoli plays well with strong cheeses.

Farm Animal – Brown Swiss cows are favored for their supreme milk and docile demeanor.

Michael Symon of The Chew

 Voicings – The Chew chef Michael Symon talks burgers, beer, and cooking for an audience.

Cheese Talk – College creameries across the United States are churning out a new generation of cheesemakers.

Cheese IQ – Unpacking the complex history behind common “cheese” expressions.


culture's autumn 2014 centerfold offer: Almnas Tegel cheese, Strawberry conserve, and Di Bruno Bros. FinocchionaCenterfold Offer – Order our featured cheese, Sweden’s Almnäs Tegel, along with Di Bruno Bros. Finocchiona and Tait Farm Foods Strawberry Rhubarb Conserve.


Lunchbox Lovin’ – Back to school? Skip the snack aisle and bake your own cheesy crackers.

How We Roll – Cheese balls are cool again—and with a recipe this quick and easy, you’ll understand why.


Ask the Cheesemonger – Is it OK to eat the rind of Brie or Camembert? Also, which cheeses melt best?

Illustration of a bride and groom topper on a wedding cake made of cheese wheels


Ruminations – A cheesemaking dad adds a special touch to his daughter’s wedding.


Events – See what cheesy events are happening near you.

Shop Talk – Discover purveyors with stellar cheese and artisan food selections in California and Vermont.

culture: the word on cheese

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