The 10 Best Podcast Episodes About Cheese
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The 10 Best Podcast Episodes About Cheese

Suddenly, it seems, there is a podcast for every subject. Where else within the vastness of the internet—in all its nuanced, specialized glory—can we feel a personal touch like that of the podcast? As obsessive turophiles, it’s rewarding to see more and more shows emerging that showcase discussions from all over the cheese industry. With varied cheese content from different people in the industry, there’s so much to listen to—and so much to learn.

From cheese mites to terroir, to award-winning cheese and book reviews, to interviews with makers and mongers, to cheese history, recipes, and innovation, these cheese-focused podcasts will show you the whey to get more cultured about cheese.

We’ve combed through some of our favorite cheese-centric podcast episodes and chosen 10 great episodes to start off your curdy deep dive.

Cutting the Curd

Episode 269: Effective Cheesemongering with Jason Hinds / Aired: July 11, 2016

Jason Hinds, the Neal’s Yard Dairy sales director and Essex St Cheese co-founder, discusses how to care for cheese and explores the ways makers and sellers can encourage cheese enthusiasm during the artisanal renaissance.

Meatless, A Podcast About Eating

Episode 7: Tia Keenan / Aired: July 17, 2018

Classic Swiss fondue from culture: the word on cheese Autumn 2014 Issue

Classic Swiss fondue from culture: the word on cheese Autumn 2014 Issue

Food writer Alicia Kennedy talks to cheese writer and community organizer Tia Keenan about dairy production, what an anti-capitalist food system could look like, and her backyard chickens.

Planet Money

Episode 575: The Fondue Conspiracy / Aired: October 10, 2014

A story of rebellion and eating gobs of melted cheese—the popularity of fondue wasn’t an accident. It was planned by a cartel of Swiss cheesemakers, which ruled the Swiss economy for 80 years.


Episode: Who Faked My Cheese? / Aired: April 9, 2018

Through this podcast that focuses on food, science, and history, explore the possibilities of successful plant-based cheeses for vegan diets, plus learn more about the utmost importance of casein, cheese’s vital protein.

Cheese Underground Radio

Episode 6: Making Cheese in Copper Kettles / Aired: August 2, 2017

What difference does copper make in some of the world’s most iconic cheeses? To find out, host and cheese expert Jeanne Carpenter tracked down one of the only American cheesemakers making cheese in a copper vat: Bruce Workman at Edelweiss Creamery in Wisconsin.

The Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Podcast

Episode 6: Cheddar / Aired: July 19, 2018

Dan Bliss heads to England’s West Country and catches up with several prolific cheesemakers including Tom Calver and Jamie Montgomery to discuss all things cheddar.

Behind the Rind

Episode 3: Beautiful Raw-Milk Cheese! / Aired: April 12, 2018

Learn the history of raw-milk cheese and explore the ways  it’s misunderstood, regulated, and illuminates the idea of terroir. This episode features cheesemaker Andy Hatch from Wisconsin’s Uplands Cheese.

Collective Creamery

Episode: Bonus Minisode! A Chat with Simran Sethi / Aired: August 3, 2018

This interview with food writer Simran Sethi highlights the similarities between the cheese and chocolate worlds, food justice in the specialty food space, and touches on Simran’s next project: examining the relationship between food and identity, starting with cheese.

Listen here or via iTunes.

The Splendid Table

Episode 621: Cheese Girl / Aired: December 16, 2016

Explore the ultimate passion for cheese through the experiences of Linnea Burnham, a woman who travels for cheese and records her adventures in the blog Journeys of a Cheese Girl.

Listen here or via iTunes.

Spilled Milk

Episode 302: Stinky Cheese / Aired: October 12, 2017

Learn all about washed-rind cheeses through cheese guns, rind bravery, and cautionary tales from comedians who love food, Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton.

Kate Kirkwood

Kate Kirkwood is a Denver native, Certified Cheese Professional, and cheesemonger who loves travel, art, and raw milk cheese. When she isn't busy experimenting with cocktail pairings, teaching intimate classes, dissecting episodes of Mad Men, and managing Cheese+Provisions, she's writing for the avante-garde culture zine Flora Fauna where she is also the Social Media Director.

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