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The Ultimate Gift Guide for People Obsessed With Cheese 

There’s gouda brie something worth adding to your holiday shopping list. 

The holidays are slowly approaching, and with loads of options, figuring out which gifts to buy can get tricky. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to develop a list of ideas guaranteed to put a smile on any true cheese lover’s face. From grilled cheese earrings to raclette appliances so you can melt it yourself at home, we’ve got picks—ranked from least expensive to most—fromage fanatics will be raving about for months. 

Holiday Cheer:

Parmigiano Reggiano Ornament ($9)

Deck your tree this holiday season with a Parmigiano Reggiano ornament shaped like the authentic wheel. 

Cheese Ornaments ($10)

This one’s for the cheese-obsessed—who says you can’t decorate your tree with Parmesan, Fontal, Gouda, and provolone-shaped ornaments.  

Stacked Cheese Ornament ($24)

This stunning ornament stacks brie, blue, and swiss and is bound to stand out on any tree thanks to its shiny gold trimmings. 

Cabrales Cheese Ornament ($24)

Got a blue lover on your list? Snag this Cabrales cheese ornament for them to deck their tree out with.  


Spray Cheese Ornament ($26)

This whimsical ornament captures the nostalgia of spraying cheese onto crunchy crackers for those friends who love a reminder of those quirky childhood moments.

Gifts That Give Back:

The Cheese Culture Coalition

Make a donation in your loved one’s name to the Cheese Culture Coalition and their work to increase racial diversity within the cheese industry. 

Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund

Donate to the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund, which allows youth to apprentice in sustainable systems and agriculture, domestically and abroad.

The Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment

Support the next generation of cheese educators by donating to the Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment.

Cheese Swag:

Swiss Cheese Earrings ($9)

Sure, golden hoops or diamond studs will bring a smile to anyone’s face, but swiss-shaped earrings will steal the show while adding a dose of quirkiness for your loved one who’s not afraid to step outside the box. 

Grilled Cheese Earrings ($12)

These dangly grilled cheese sandwich earrings are oozing melted cheddar and will be the talking point at any gathering. 

Murray’s Curd Nerd Shirt ($20)

Grab this t-shirt for the friend who spends loads of time waxing poetic about their love for all things cheese.

Cheesus Hat ($20)

This hat is for the holy person devoted to the curd; it’s minimalist and can go with any outfit. What’s not to love?

Cheese Bag ($25)

This adorable cheese-shaped bag is perfect for your traveling friend that likes to pack light and only needs their phone and wallet. 

Mister Parmesan Pecorino Hat ($35)

This embroidered pecorino hat is perfect for those upcoming winter months; it’s minimalist and cozy enough to work for any of your friend’s styles.

Just Add Cheese:

Tomato Caramel ($12)

Slather this tomato caramel on a cheesy burger or panini. The sweet and spicy spread pairs deliciously with sharp cheddars

Berry Lover’s Artisanal Gift Set ($39)

Trade Street Jam Co. is offering a set that will take any cheese board to the next level. This package includes their Blackberry Mulled Merlot, Blueberry Lemon Basil and Strawberry Raspberry Tarragon flavors. 

Good Reads for Curd Nerds:

culture Print Magazine Subscription ($20/Year Subscription)

Gift your loved one a subscription of culture magazines for their coffee table—the publication aims to nurture passion for great cheese through accurate, engaging storytelling that focuses on the people and places behind cheese.

The Cheese Wheel ($19)

Emma Young has spent over a decade in the industry, and this book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the profiles of cheese and their pairings.

That Cheese Plate Wants to Party

Building cheese plates is the ultimate party starter, but figuring out how to get started can get complicated; this book is here to guide you through it.  

Madame Fromage Adventures in Cheese ($28)

Have a cheese friend who hasn’t adopted a palate for the funkiest blues? It could be a result of how they’re pairing it—and this book is here to teach them the best combos.

The Best Things in Life are Cheese ($30)

This book covers over 70 recipes that honor fromage, from halloumi and watermelon salad to mac ‘n’ cheese or baked Camembert with caramelized apple and roasted hazelnuts. 

The Cheese Life ($30)

Stock your loved ones’ shelves with this guide featuring pairings, recipes, and the ultimate cheese boards.

For the Home:

Cheese Shaped Paper Napkins ($7)

Paper napkins shaped into cheese wedges are perfect for those friends who love an extravagant table spread or charcuterie board. 

Cheese Candle ($12)

Just like a slab of cheddar, this wedge-shaped candle melts like the real thing. The best part? The scent is customizable; choose from options like smoked birch or vanilla rose.

Wine and Cheese Board Card Deck ($18)

Gift this to a wine and cheese card deck with over 50 combinations to a newbie interested in mastering the art of pairing.

Mac n’ Cheese Candle ($25)

This mac and cheese is nostalgic for those friends who loved crushing boxes of Kraft back in the day. The best part? It’s also made with natural soy and beeswax.   

Emmental Cheese Candle ($25)

Grab this candle so your loved ones can bask in the scent of jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom.

Cheese Gadgets:

Fondue Set ($40)

Purchase this retro-themed fondue set for your loved one, and then make them invite you over so that you can enjoy dipping tender potatoes and bread into melted gooey cheese.

Boska Tete de Moine Cheese Curler ($45)

This gift is perfect for your fromage-loving friend who loves to entertain. This fancy gadget produces beautiful curls and enhances the cheese’s flavors. 

Charcuterie Board With Guide ($68)

Love charcuterie boards but can’t stand putting them together? Chances are you have a loved one that feels the same way. Save them the headache by gifting them this tray that doubles as a cheese and accompaniment placement guide. 

Cheese Grotto Mezzo ($125)

This storage solution is crafted with birchwood which helps preserve cheeses, making this a great gadget for the cheese lovers on your list. 

Raclette ($200)

There’s nothing more exciting than gifting your cheese-obsessed loved one with a raclette so they can melt delicious layers of cheese onto sandwiches, cured meats, or roasted vegetables. 

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Ashia Aubourg

Ashia Aubourg is culture's Assistant Digital Editor. She received her BA in Food Studies and Policy Studies from Syracuse University, where she researched components that make up equitable food systems. She previously held print and digital roles at Food & Wine, Cuisine Noir, America's Test Kitchen, and others, where her writing unearthed underrepresented narratives within food, travel, and culture. Before starting her writing career, she held food policy and social impact roles across various nonprofits and companies. Ashia currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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