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7 Thanksgiving Cheese Boards to Serve Before the Big Meal

These ideas offer delicious pairings that’ll satisfy your guests’ palettes. 

Charcuterie boards may be hard to pronounce, but we promise they’re easier to assemble than you might think. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for how to build cheese boards that’ll curb your guests’ hunger. That way while wafts of roasted turkey and candied yams spread throughout the air, you don’t have to worry about rushing the big feast because of hangry loved ones. From classic varieties like brie to unique picks like Pecorino Camomilla, we promise anyone attending your holiday celebration will have delicious options for bites to graze on. 

Jessie Johnson via Life As A Strawberry

Thanksgiving Cheese Board from Life As A Strawberry

This classic board features old standbys like brie, Manchego, and white cheddar paired with meats like spicy sopressata and other fixings like poppy seed crackers, marinated olives, and apple butter for a seasonal twist.  

Natasha Kravchuk via Natasha’s Kitchen

Charcuterie Board from Natasha’s Kitchen

Consider adding spreadable cheeses—like Saint Andre or De Bourgogne—to your board so guests can smear it on delicious fixings like toasted baguette slices or crunchy crackers. 

Monica Petrucci via culture

Thanksgiving Cheese Board from culture

Keep the ingredients on your board seasonal by adding winter cheeses like Vacherin Mont d’Or or Rush Creek Reserve, fruits like cranberries or figs, and accompaniments like pumpkin spice crackers or fruit cake crisps.   

Jessie Johnson via Life As A Strawberry

Cheese Plate from Life As A Strawberry

For soft cheeses like brie and goat, feel free to serve them as they come, but for harder varieties like cheddar or Parmesan, try cutting them thinly into slices for your guests to quickly grab and stack onto their plates.

MacKenzie Smith via Grilled Cheese Social

Festive Fall Board from Grilled Cheese Social

The next time you hit up a cheese shop, look out for fresh chèvre logs encrusted in seasonal fruits. The colorful logs are the perfect add-ons to your board to make your platter look more visually appealing and equally tasty.

Erin Lynch via Plates and Pairings

Winter Cheese Board from Plates and Pairings

When the weather gets chillier, lean on winter produce like sage, rosemary, and thyme to pair with comforting wedges like cracked peppercorn and aged cheddar

Linni Kral via culture

Wellness Cheese Board from culture

If you have guests with dietary restrictions, your cheese board is an excellent opportunity to satisfy their needs without compromising the entire meal. Toss on gluten-free crackers, soy-free chocolate, or vegan crisps and pair it with cheeses like Briar Summit, Glacier Blue, or charcoal cheddar.


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