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The 5 Best Portable Cheese Snacks to Take with You Everywhere

Hard cheeses like gouda are ideal for on-the-go snacking.

There’s a time and place for a good cheese board and—though we wish it weren’t so—it’s not always possible to go all out with a perfect platter; sometimes you need something smaller, packable, and easily snackable. Still, you never know when the cheese cravings might hit. Maybe you’re out and about, headed to work or getting some errands done, without a cheese shop in sight.

Never fear, cheese lover, all you need to do is be prepared. With these five easy, portable cheese snacks you can always keep your cheese stash near and dear.

Cheese Crisps

These crunchy snacks are usually just shredded cheese that’s baked to a crisp. The result is an intensely cheesy morsel with a lingering umami that will satisfy any salt craving. You don’t have to refrigerate them, so they’re the perfect portable snack while you’re on-the-go. There’s no shortage of cheese crisps on the market right now: Consider Schuman’s Whisps, (we love their BBQ Bacon); Moon Cheese, spherical bites in easily shareable bags; or Sonoma Creamery’s cheese crisp bars in crave-worthy flavors like everything bagel spice. You can also use our recipe to make your own at home.

Portable Cheese Snacks

Photo Credit Ile de France

Brie Bites

Like those tiny, lunch box-friendly, red wax-coated wheels, Ile de France’s mini brie is just as snackable and way creamier. Individually wrapped in 25-gram portions, these mini brie buttons are perfect for nibbling on a road trip, sharing with friends at a summer picnic, or taking to work for a solo midday cheese plate. You should store them in a fridge or cooler, but their small size means they come to room temperature quickly so you’ll always get that supple, creamy texture.

String Cheese

String cheese is the classic portable cheese: satisfying but not messy, sticky, or overly creamy, plus it makes a fun experience out of any bagged lunch. It’s time to forget those flavorless plastic-wrapped versions from childhood, though, because string cheese has gotten way better. New versions combine that pull-apart texture with a flavor that’s much richer and creamier. Try a smoked string cheese, like this kneaded and brined version from Vern’s, or this stringy smoked mozzarella from Renards Cheese that will conjure up summer barbecue vibes all year-round.

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Single-Serving Burrata Cups

Everything’s better with burrata, and thanks to these single-serving cups from Di Stefano Cheese, you can make every day a good day. Pop a cup in your bag, throw it in the fridge, then use it to amp up salads, pizza, and vegetables while you’re out and about. Or, drizzle with olive oil and spoon straight from the cup for a no-mess meal. With two-ounce and four-ounce cups, there are options for sharing, too, or at least indulging a little extra.

Wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in front of a parmesan wheel, crumbles, and shavings

Hard Cheeses

Packing a cheese snack in a pinch? No need to hit the store for the treats above if you’ve got a big block of hard cheese. The low moisture content of hard, aged cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago, Gruyère, or a nice clothbound cheddar make them perfect for stowing on the go. They won’t melt, soften, or squish in transit, and unlike with fresh or young cheeses, you won’t have to worry too much about keeping them cool. As they warm slightly, in fact, their flavors will become more pronounced. There’s no need for utensils—just break off bite-sized bits with your fingers—so no matter where you end up, you can get your cheese on.

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