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Meet Culture’s New Executive Content Director

Dear Culture Devotees,

I’m sure you’ve noticed a new face on the editor’s letter page from our recent Entertaining Issue—that’s me, Mallory Scyphers, culture’s former Creative Director of nearly five years. This is an exciting time at culture. We’re serving new audiences, exploring different ways to tell compelling stories, and expanding our portfolio of services to effectively share all-things-cheese with our beloved readers.

2023 was a year of experimentation, tracking data, and honing our skills as leaders, partners, and creatives. With all those creative juices flowing, we decided our niche indie publication should think beyond tradition, so we restructured our editorial masthead, nixing the traditional editor-in-chief role, and opting for a more holistically minded content director. I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity and look forward to filling the shoes of culture’s previous (amazingly talented) editors.

Print is still the crux of our brand, and we’ve put together a fantastic lineup for 2024, kicking off the year with our 10th Annual Best Cheeses issue, followed by four seasonal issues: Beginnings (Spring), The Hot List (Summer), Cheese: 101 (Fall), and Entertaining (Winter). culture is committed to diversifying our contributor portfolio, emphasizing perspectives from all backgrounds and voices, and additionally, we’re expanding our digital portfolio so our over 150k social media followers have greater access to cheesy content between print issues. We’ve hired a new Assistant Digital Editor, Ashia Aubourg, and former Digital and Social Media Editor Josie Krogh will now head up digital efforts as Digital Strategy Lead.

Our small and funky team will continue striving to instill a deep and nuanced appreciation for cheese and the community of folks who make and enjoy it. 2024 is going to be a fantastic year here at culture, full of growth and opportunity, and we look forward to sharing this energy with our readers and partners. For us, it’s not just cheese, it’s culture.

—Mallory Scyphers, Executive Content Director

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culture: the word on cheese

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