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Curd Culture: Brazos Valley Cheese

Cheesemonger Cristian Glade with his children in from of the Brazos Valley Cheese facility

Cristian Glade is one of 6 semi-finalists competing for sponsorship to the 2014 Cheesemonger Invitational. Read his blog post below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite monger!


I recently visited the  Brazos Valley Cheese Company near Waco, Texas. I exited the freeway traveled down a two lane road lined with wild flowers and the occasional sheep or horse. When I got to the small building I was greeted by Robin, Dan, and Josh, who were the most hospitable people I could of imagined. Robin showed my family and I around the facility, which my kids found entertaining, especially the blue shoe covers and the blooming rooms. Robin then fed us wonderful cheese, which the kids also loved, and told us a little about the town just up the way.

Before heading into the small town we stopped by the cave where Brazos ages their cheddars. The entrance looked like a small shack, but as you approach the doorway a stairway leads you down and the damp and funky smells are a delightful sign of things to come.

Josh was kind enough to show us around and led us to the entrance of the aging room which had an awesome dungeon like looking door with hand made steel and a huge skeleton key. When he opened the door he revealed a room moist and musty with nuances of cinnamon and sorghum, and cheese stacked 10- to 12-feet high on wooden planks. This experience was not only amazing but the hospitality was exceptional. I would recommend this experience to everyone not to mention the treats that Homestead Village had to offer. I will let you discover those on your own, but as my kids said, “awesome dad!!” time and time again, I feel that is a great endorsement.


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Cristian Glade

Cristian’s family is from Chile and "once”, (which literally translates as “eleven,” but is actually a meal served in the early evening), was an important tradition. Once consisted of fresh bread, cheese, paté, and tea, and was a time for the family to get together, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. Cristian’s first job was in a cheese shop called Say Cheese where he learned an appreciation for blue cheese and proper cheese wrapping. Today Cristian works at Whole Foods, recently became a Certified Cheese Professional, and loves spending evenings sharing cheese with his lady and their four children. Cristian has never competed in the CMI and is excited about this amazing opportunity.

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