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Morozhenoe: Russian Ice Cream

Four scoops of chocolate or coffee ice cream sprinkled with nuts and ground chocolate in a parfait glass on a burlap cloth with some coffee beans on it

Below freezing weather, and it’s snowing? You thinking what I’m thinking? Yup…it’s the perfect time for some ice cream! For our final stop in my Cheese Around the World blog series, we head over to Russia for some morozhenoe. Like what you read here? Be sure to read my previous post about Norwegian Brunost.

Believe it or not, one fact about Russians only slightly less known than their obsession with vodka, is their love of ice cream. Unlike the United States, where when you think of ice cream, you think of hot, summer days, and the annoyingly catchy jingle of the ice cream truck driving around your block, in Russia, people buy ice cream year round! Don’t think this sounds odd? When then, you clearly don’t understand how cold it is during a winter in Russia!! I’ll tell you right now, it’s pretty frickin’ cold. Yet, without fail, you will see long lines of Russians stand in the snow waiting to purchase morozhenoe from the nearest ice cream cart.

The Russian’s love for ice cream stretches back to the days of the Soviet Union, but no one really understands how it got to be so popular. Although there are many Western ice cream companies that have set up shop in Russia in recent years, traditional morozhenoe is still alive and well. Way creamier than Western brands, Russian morozhenoe is made with pure, fresh milk, and a higher ratio of ice to dairy. Because it is so widely available, morozhenoe is very cheap; roughly $0.32 USD a cone!

Personally, I think having an ice cream obsession being a major part of your culture is really awesome. Especially when it leads to sweet marketing campaigns like this!

What makes Russian ice cream special from Russia Beyond The Headlines on Vimeo.
Photo credit: Featured image from Wallpapers HQ

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