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Regional Cheese Cuisine: An Introduction

Join intern Virginia on her journey to discover how different regions of the US use local cheeses to improve local cuisine. From Vermont cheddar to Wisconsin Colby and on to California Monterey Jack, she’ll hit the iconic cheese destinations of America and introduce you to regional delicacies and recipes along the way.


America the beautiful, home of the cheese? Yes indeed. While America may not be as globally recognized for its cheese as, say, France, over the years it has stepped up its ooey, gooey game and has started producing cheeses that are known all over the world. Like the cuisine of this melting pot country, American cheeses are a mix of those inspired by the well-known cheese styles of other nations and those that are completely different. Throughout this series, I will introduce you to some local cheese and cheese dishes that come from each region. 


Photo Credit: Field Hockey USA

For this blog, I have divided the country into eight regions. Each region has made a cheesy contribution to American cuisine. Have you ever wondered what cheesy dish is famous in your area? This series will look into the best each region has to offer and share ways for you to get your hands on it! Recipes and how to’s will guide your delicious journey into American’s regional cheese cuisine. 

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Coming Up Next… 

Is there a more beautiful place in all of America than New England in the fall? I really doubt it. To kick off this cheesy journey, next week I’ll start with Vermont cheddar that will go perfectly with some freshly picked fall apples

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This week’s question: Look at the map above and try to guess which cheese-tastic regional dishes I’ll be covering in the coming weeks. Post your answer by Wednesday, October 8, 2014 for a chance to win. You must be located within the continental US to be eligible to win. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Maggie Purcell of Penn State University

Virginia Hyde

Virginia Hyde is a southern girl at heart who just moved to Boston to submerge herself in food - mainly cheese, to be honest. Game for any food-related adventure, festival, or gathering, she is ready to share her passion for cheese with others. Virginia is currently working on a Masters in Gastronomy at Boston University.

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