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My Summer Cheese Pairings

Amanda Puckett's cheese bites created from Vermont Creamery feta, Alpine cheese, and Point Reyes Original Blue cheeses

My favorite cheeses change regularly depending on the time of year or what kind of mood I’m in. I find it’s best to follow the seasons and go for cheeses that are at their peak flavor like creamy wash-rinds and Alpine cheeses in winter or fresh chevre in spring. I like to have a good mix of textures and flavors on my board, anything light and fresh is great accompaniment to the 90 degree weather here in Florida. Check out what I’m snacking on now:

  • Herve Mons Meule de Savoie, it’s a lighter creamier alternative to Gruyère or Comté. This Alpine cheese is made with raw cow’s milk and then aged 10 months to perfection. It has gentle, sweet, fruit tones accompanied by a sharp nutty finish.  
  • Vermont Creamery’s Goat’s Milk Feta paired with some of Redcamper’s Whiskey Peach Deliciousness. The feta is crumbly with a pronounced goaty flavor accented by a mild briney finish that just makes you want to have another bite. That same feta slathered in sweet Colorado peaches, whiskey, and Madagascar vanilla is just out of this world! If you run out of cheese try that sweet Deliciousness over ice cream, it’s perfect for the summer heat.
  • Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue is one of my all time favorite cheeses, it packs a big salty herbaceous bite that just coats your whole mouth. I paired it with some dried tart cherries to have that perfect bite of sweet, salty, and savory.

I threw in some whole wheat crackers, a cheese knife, a local craft beer and everything was good to go for a nice relaxing spring day in the Florida sun.


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Amanda Puckett

Amanda has been a cheesemonger for six years, four of which have been spent at Whole Foods Market. Amanda was part of the inaugural American Cheese Society’s Certified Cheese Professional Program in 2012. Over the past six years, cheese has gone from a great mystery full of different flavors, textures, and smells, and has become a passion to her. Amanda has never attended the CMI and is excited to compete this year to prove what she knows and what she can do.

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