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Can Pregnant Women Eat Cheese?

Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid soft-ripened cheeses, such as brie types, and raw-milk varieties—are there any cheeses that are OK to eat?

How Can a Cheese that Smells like Feet Taste so Good?

Cheese expert Gianaclis Caldwell answers your burning questions about stinky yet tasty wheels and why they smell like feet in the first place.

Why Do Blue Cheese Veins Look the Way They Do?

The Culture team tackles how the dashes and dots of blue cheese veins come to be

Mold on cheese

Other Than (Unintended) Mold, Is There Any Way to Tell If a Cheese Has Gone Bad?

It will take more than your sense of smell to determine whether a cheese is OK to eat

Organic Valley cream cheeses

What Makes Cheese Organic?

Cheesemonger Steven Rosenberg answers the question: What does a cheesemaker need to do to call his cheeses “organic”?

Can I Freeze Leftover Cheese?

Cheesemonger Steven Rosenberg answers the question: Is it okay to freeze leftover cheese?

The breathtaking scope of cheeses in a French cheese shop

Are There Certifications for Cheesemongers in France?

Cheesemonger Caroline Boquet answers the question: Are there special certifications for becoming a cheesemonger in France?

Cheesemaker stirring curds and whey in a cheesemaking vat

Why Do Cheesemakers Heat Milk?

Cheesemakers heat milk, whether it’s raw or pasteurized, as the first step of the cheesemaking process.