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In Bloom

When Fleming Pfann began making goat cheese in 1987, no one wanted to buy it. Thirty-three years later, Pfann and her husband, Britt, owners of Celebrity Dairy in Siler City, North Carolina, are part of the North Carolina Cheese Trail, a robust community of cheesemakers across the state. The trail, formed in 2014, is a […]

In Queso You Missed It: October 20th

If you missed National Cheese Curd Day on October 15, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered for belated celebration plans with our easy-to-follow recipe. Then, you can revamp any leftovers to make curd-centric meatloaf or home fries. (You’re welcome.)  In other cheese news: Panera’s famous mac and cheese is under fire after an employee shared a […]

2019 American Cheese Society Award Winning Cheeses

Wow, it’s been a busy few months here at culture, but we’re finally taking a breather to congratulate this year’s ACS winners.  First off, congratulations to the 2019 ACS Best of Show winners! 1st PLACE – Stockinghall Murray’s Cheese and Old Chatham Creamery 2nd PLACE – Professor’s Brie Wegman’s and Old Chatham Creamery 3rd PLACE – Aries Shooting […]

Orange is the New Black

To make a surfing analogy, choosing to produce a washed rind as your first cheese is similar to taking beginner surfing lessons on the supersized Hawaiian wave known as Jaws.“What can go wrong?” muses Marcus Fergusson, a London music publicist turned artisan cheesemaker. “Everything.” Fergusson should know. His Renegade Monk is a one-of-a-kind hybrid blue […]

Pear and Muenster Grilled Cheese

Changing Tides

When a wrong turn off the Midcoast Maine Cheese Trail funnels me down a dirt road onto a tiny peninsula with a secret cove, I can’t resist pulling over for some beach combing. Up close, I inspect bubbling clam shows in the sand, the contours of sedimentary rocks, and the heaps of rockweed kelp attached […]

Totally Stuffed

Break out of your crab rangoon rut with these cheese wontons. COOKING METHOD  CHEESE  ADDITIONAL FILLING  GARNISH  Deep fried Cream cheese Chopped clams, green onions Pepper relish Baked Mascarpone Diced pineapple, ground ginger Cinnamon sugar Steamed Fresh goat cheese Edamame, pressed garlic  Everything bagel seasoning Pan fried Whipped feta Red cabbage sauerkraut Honey mustard   […]

September 2019 Press Release

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