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Pride Month Spotlight: Lee Hennessy of Moxie Ridge Farm

This trans cheesemaker followed his dream of raising goats and making cheese—and he’s hoping to inspire others to follow his lead.

Destination Dairies

When you enter Bantam, Connecticut, you feel the presence of Arethusa Farm immediately. Just past the town’s welcome sign, a trio of red brick buildings flanks the main road. Each is labeled with a classic black-and-white sign announcing its name in gothic font—Arethusa a mano, Arethusa al tavolo, Arethusa Farm Dairy—with a brass cowbell hanging […]

LaClare Zesty Ranch Goat Cheese White Pizza

Sponsored by LaClare Family Creamery

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Strawberry Mint Galette with Caputo Cheese Burrata

Burrata as a concept seems too good to be true. Mozzarella is decadent enough: a pillowy, snow-white ball of cheese, clean and milky in flavor and stretchy in texture. But mozzarella filled with cream and shreds of more cheese? To die for. The pasta filata category of cheeses, to which mozzarella and burrata belong, are […]

Black-Owned Businesses To Support

Photo of Glenn Harrell, owner of Say Cheese, sourced from David Kind Food has always been political. Now is the time for culture, and anyone with a major platform, to speak on the issue of police brutality and all other forms of systemic racism in this country.  In light of recent events, members of our […]

Pride Month Roundup

Pride Month will look a little bit different this year. Parades have been canceled, venues are shut down, and many members of the LGBTQ+ community are spending this month of celebration apart. But that doesn’t mean we can’t support one another from a distance.  One way turophiles can show up for this community is by […]

Table of Contents: Summer 2020

ON THE COVER: CAMEL’S MILK MARINATED PERSIAN FETA One hump or two? by Margaret Leahy   FEATURES: MIMMO’S MEANS MOZZARELLA This enterprising cheesemaker crafts hand-pulled Italian cheeses in sunny Florida. by Jen Karetnick SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF CHEESE Double down on dairy intake for dessert (or whenever). by Eric Ginsburg SEASIDE PICNICS WHEREVER YOU […]

May Pairing: Gorgonzola Piccante + Lambrusco

Fire up your taste buds and grab a bottle of sparkling red—this cheese is packing piquancy. Named after the town in Italy where it was first made, Gorgonzola is a rich cow’s milk blue cheese that appears in both sweet (Dolce) and sharper (Naturale or Piccante) varieties. This offering from Ambrosi’s Millennials line of cheeses […]

Great 28 Pairings: Miso

Miso and cheese are cut from the same cloth.Described as salty, tangy, funky, and savory, both miso and cheese are high-protein and pack a big umami punch thanks to fermentation (or culturing, in the case of curds). Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient made by fermenting soybeans with salt and kji, a microbe that produces […]

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