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Avalanche Cheese Company

Planet Cheese: Calling it Quits

Planet Cheese is a weekly blog devoted to everything cheese: products, people, places, news, and views. James Beard Award-winning journalist Janet Fletcher writes Planet Cheese from her home in Napa Valley. Janet is the author of Cheese & Wine, Cheese & Beer, and The Cheese Course and an occasional contributor to culture. Visit janetfletcher.com to […]

National Cheese Lover's Day

This Saturday is National Cheese Lover’s Day

This Saturday, January 20th, is National Cheese Lover’s Day. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that every day? And we’re right there with you—but we’ll take any excuse to celebrate our deep appreciation for all things cheese. Here’s how you can honor the great tradition of National Cheese Lover’s Day this weekend. Happy celebrating, fellow turophiles! 1. […]

Dutch cheese

Planet Cheese: Dutch Treat

Goat Gouda accounts for only 3% of The Netherland’s annual Gouda output. And Brabander is a mere sliver of that.

cheese journeys

Cheese Journeys: Passport To Berlin, Germany

Anna Juhl shares her mantra for making her Cheese Journeys memorable and successful: “Remember, despite your best-laid plans, unexpected things can and will happen.”

cheddar scones

Planet Cheese: Where’s The Soup?

Janet Fletcher’s formula to beat the cold: If it’s chilly where you are, make soup and then bake some flaky, tender cheddar scones to go with it.

The ‘It’ Meal of Winter: Raclette

Melting makes great Raclette shine. Explore our guide to this Swiss cheese in all its forms.

newer cheeses

Planet Cheese: Sleeper Hits of the 2017

Janet Fletcher asks several top retailers from around the country about the newer cheeses that over-delivered for them in 2017.

Farm Animal: Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Gulf Coast sheep breed nearly year-round. Given their wild origins, the sheep are fairly independent and may be wary of people.