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DIY: Fruitful Butters and Cheeses

“Fruit butters” and “fruit cheeses” are preserves dating back to medieval times made by simply simmering fruit puree with some type of sweetener.

DIY: Mexican Crema

Having a single jar of crema in your fridge will help you solve many of your condiment quandaries. Or you can just eat it with a spoon.

DIY: A Perfect Cheese Danish

A chèvre-cream cheese combo paired with cherries makes the ideal filling.

DIY: Got Sourdough Discard?

Discard that comes from sourdough production is certainly not waste; here’s how to deal with it deliciously.

DIY: Egg Nog

For a smooth and sinfully rich holiday treat, make it yourself.

DIY: Pucker Up

Tart-sweet shrubs offer the taste of summer all year long.

DIY: Marinated Cheese

Spice up your cheese! Marination is a glow-up for your curds, introducing layers of tastiness you didn’t know were possible.

DIY: Recycle Your Rinds

Don’t toss your rinds—reimagine them as a crispy, savory snack.

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