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Benevolent Brushwork

An artist and his paintings help preserve California ranch lands

Prisoner in a Colorado State Penitentiary scratches a goat in the prison dairy

Doing Time Together

At a Colorado prison dairy, inmates milk the experience for all it’s worth

Wheels in Motion

Follow the epic journey of a Spanish cheese from its rural home in Tarragona to a NYC customer

South Africa Through the Lens of Patrick McKenna

A web-exclusive photo expansion on our Far and Away article about South Africa’s Wineland region

¡Bienvenidos á Puerto Rico!

Cheesemaking in Puerto Rico and exploring Old San Juan

Roadside statue of a huge mouse dressed in a red shirt and cap with a huge piece of Swiss atop a Wisconsin Cheese sign

Roadside Distraction

A drive through Wisconsin is marked by eye-catching pieces of American “cheese.” One photographer captures these kitsch landmarks during a drive through the cheesiest state in the Union

A young puppy rolled on his back

Baby Boon

Every spring, nature delivers a new crop of adorable creatures to the farm and fields