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caramelized sheep's cheese

Caramelized Sheep’s Cheese

If Chris and Paige Gould ever took the Caramelized Sheep’s Cheese off the menu at Central Provisions in Portland, Maine, there would likely be a revolt.

lemon pound cake

Lemon Pound Cake with Mixed Berry Topping

Make the most out of your berry harvest with a fresh lemon pound cake, topped with a jammy mixed berry compote.

5 Cheesy Hand Pies to Try This Autumn

Take a look around the world and you’ll find that almost every culture has a hand pie. Here, we’ve taken a few classics and amped them up with cheese. So, break out that rolling pin and get to baking.

Cream Cheese and Guava Empanadas

Tropical guava paste and tangy cream cheese are a classic pairing for sweet empanadas throughout Latin America.

apple pear hand pies

Apple Hand Pies with Cheddar Crust

A twist on the American classic, these mini apple pies marry sweet and savory with the addition of cheddar cheese in their flaky, buttery crust.

Fall Fling

Fall Fling Cocktail Paired with Le Gruyere

A sweet and spicy pairing just in time for the autumn solstice!

unearthed pesto olive pasta

Pesto Olive Pasta for An Easy Weeknight Dinner

Meet your new weeknight staple. For a simple dinner that comes together quickly, add fresh vegetables and pesto-covered olives to pasta.


Cheese and Herb Sambousek

These Lebanese-inspired sambouseks are filled with a mixture of cheese and fresh herbs—the perfect addition to your next mezze spread.