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32 Cheesy Recipes for the Cheese Lover

Beet ravioli

Last week was National Cheese Day (aka our favorite day of the year), and if you’re anything like us you’ve got a mean case of the post-holiday blues. Thankfully, the Huffington Post has compiled a list of decadently cheesy recipes to cure what ails you.

As HuffPo explains, “We have pasta dishes topped with a beautiful blanket of mozzarella. Pizzas with no sauce, all cheese. And cheese bread made by the lovely people of Brazil.” Some of our faves from the list? The vegetarian-friendly mac ‘n’ cheese stuffed portobellos, the strikingly beautiful beet, chèvre, and ricotta ravioli, and the unexpected brie and nutella bites (why didn’t we think of that?).

And if those don’t quench your cheese needs, don’t forget about culture originals like fried cheese with berry sauce, grilled cheese stuffed chicken, and goat cheese and summer veggie lasagna.

Find the full list of all 32 cheesy recipes at the Huffington Post, and scour our own recipes here.

Photo credit: Beet, chèvre, and ricotta ravioli by James Ransom

Alicia Hahn

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