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5 Cheesy Breads to Bake Through the Winter

Wintertime can be a cold, bleak, and desolate season, and more often than not you end up swaddled in blankets inside your home, clouding the frosty glass with your breath as you shiver just at the possibility of thinking of going outside. When you’ve had your fill of artisanal knitting projects and hotly disputed family board games, what better way to while away the quiet, frigid hours than baking something up? And what better ingredient to bake with than cheese, glorious cheese?

Here are five cheesy breads that will be sure to warm the heart and belly of any snowman or -woman— breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Asiago Bagels

OK, so not technically the loaf of bread that the headline of this post conjured in your mind, but these Asiago Bagels will be a sure winner on the breakfast table piled high with eggs and bacon alongside some fresh-squeezed orange juice.


These filling scones throw together the sticky sweetness of maple syrup, the crunchy nuttiness of chopped pecan bits, and the savory wholesomeness of cheddar cheese in an awesome combination you can serve as a shining star of your early-morning meal or in place of rolls come dinnertime.

Photo Credit: the kitchn

Photo Credit: the kitchn

If you’re jonesin’ for something savory and buttery with just the right amount of heft, look no further than this quick, cheddary cornbread from the kitchn. The recipe is a snap to follow—cook bacon, remove bacon, mix, pour everything back into the now-bacon-greased skillet, bake, and scarf down immediately.

Serrano Bacon Cheddar Pull Apart Bread

Photo Credit: La Couronne

This crazy-awesome recipe from food and travel blog La Couronne tackles the bacon-cheddar equation from a different angle, slathering the nooks and crannies of a grid-sliced, freshly baked loaf of bread with globs of shredded cheese, bacon bits, jalapeños, and spices. The result is a mouthwatering party food for all your friends and family! Or, ya know, just yourself.

Roasted Garlic & Comté Bread

There’s something incredibly appealing about those foil-wrapped loaves of garlic bread you can buy at the supermarket—just pop it in the oven, and 5–7 minutes later you got a surprisingly delicious bundle of cheesy garlic goodness. If you’re lookin’ to step up your game, however, the results will blow you away: after 25 minutes the butter, cheese, garlic, and thyme will meld together in a beautiful homemade spread that’ll be gone in no time.

And if these are grabbin’ your attention, take a look at these cheesy breads from around the globe!

Feature Photo Credit: La Couronne

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