Our Favorite New Books Out This Summer
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Our Favorite New Books for Summer 2018

From Dan Branfield’s Pizzapedia

Whether you’re dying to start homebrewing so you can pair beer with cheese, or you’re looking for a cheesy coffee table picture book, or you’re hoping for an easy way to bring cheese into the kitchen, check out these new releases this summer:

Homebrew World  

In his fourth book, culture’s beer columnist Joshua M. Bernstein goes behind the scenes with dedicated homebrewers making the microbial magic we love to swill. Organized into four groups (The Stylists, The Hop Pack, The Funky Bunch, and The Creative Front), Homebrew World (Sterling Epicure, April 2018, $25) showcases 30 brewers who are refining traditional styles and mixing up new ones. You’ll see their setups, learn from their collective experience, and pick up some recipes along the way. We’ll drink to that. 


Deep dish or thin crust, extra cheese or extra sauce: No matter your preference, the pizza-obsessed will find kinship in Bay Area illustrator Dan Branfield’s Pizzapedia (Ten Speed Press, April 2018, $16). Told through a stunning array of 80 pizza-themed illustrations, replete with hand-lettering, Pizzapedia offers a plethora of pie history and trivia (have you heard of the New York bar that pairs a free personal pizza with every drink?), plus a nod to current innovations: drone delivery, robot-made pizza, and 3-D printers, natch.  


My Kitchen Chalkboard: Seasonal Menus for Modern New England Families 

With two kids and a career as a recipe developer, writer, and cooking coach, culture’s former food editor Leigh Belanger is a pro at meal planning. In My Kitchen Chalkboard (Union Park Press, May 2018, $35), she shares tricks for making weekly meal schedules that save busy families time and money, but don’t sacrifice the fun of cooking (or eating!). With a focus on the strategy behind the meals and plenty of locally and seasonally focused recipes—including kid-friendly cheesy options like cornmeal cheddar pancakes—this book will take the stress out of dinner planning and keep you happy in the kitchen. 

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