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The Best Cheeses to Eat While You Watch the Emmy’s

cheese plate

The carpet is red, so is the wine, and the Emmentalers – excuse me – the Emmy’s are here! Celebrities everywhere are breaking out their red carpet best and preparing speeches that may or may not get heard, and we are… ensuring that our live streams are properly loaded and our sweatpants are ready for a wild night on the couch.

From the fashion to the speeches, it’s a night that Twitter will be talking about for days (weeks, depending on the number of f-bombs) to come. As you power through the last few episodes of This Is Us and restock the wine cabinet – okay, that was an emotional episode – restock the wine cabinet – oh my god that last one was even worse – restock the wine cabinet, you may be wondering how to create the perfect award-worthy cheese board for your viewing festivities.

Whether you’re in it for the plunging necklines or the blubbering thank-you’s, the political zingers or the cringe-worthy loss reactions – we have a cheese for every type of Emmy viewer.

Shakerag Blue - Emmy's Cheese

If You’re Watching for the Red Carpet Looks…

If you’re in it for the fashion, then cut into a wedge of Shakerag Blue from Sequatchie Cove Creamery and pour yourself a glass of whiskey to start the evening off with a bang. As you check out Hollywood’s finest, wrapped in the world’s most gorgeous (or potentially, horrendous) looks, munch down on this blue cheese, wrapped in local fig leaves macerated in locally-made Chattanooga Whiskey. Take a sip and a bite each time someone asks “Who are you wearing?”.

Goat Gouda - Emmy's Cheese

If You’re Watching for the Hosts with the Most…

For everyone counting down the moments until Colin Jost & Michael Che take the stage, we’re with you. They’re funny, they’re witty, they don’t look half bad in a tux, so what better way to watch the GOATs than with a hunk of Goat Gouda and a glass of rosé? Goat Gouda goes down easy, which is likely also true for most of the jokes we’ll hear from these two SNL superstars. Pair with a bit of fig jam and let the laughs flow with a glass – or a bottle – of your favorite fruit-forward rosé.

5 Cheese and Junk Food Pairings: Beecher’s Flagsheep with Buttered Popcorn

Photo by Michelle Vieira

If You’re Watching for the Snacks…

Okay, we know you’ve been seeking out Emmy’s viewing parties for weeks as an excuse to spend your Monday taking an entire bowl of popcorn right to the face. As your friends discuss their favorite television moments of 2018, you’re staring into the screen of the microwave, and focusing on the perfectly timed soundtrack of increasingly steady pops. Now here’s how to take it up a notch: sprinkle ¼ cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese on top of the popcorn and follow with a drizzle of melted butter. Toss to coat, then finish with garlic powder. Now snack, and repeat.

peach focused cheese plate

If You’re Actually Watching for the Shows…

Just in case you’re a TV junkie who is here to watch your favorites get the recognition they deserve, then we’ve got some killer suggestions for you to throw down on a cheese board that would make anyone feel like a winner. Here are a few delicious options you should prep on your board to pair with a few of the strongest Emmy contenders.

Stranger Things & Gorgonzola

Demagorgonzola, anyone? This Italian blue has a slightly buttery consistency and a gentle bite to it, just like this “Best Drama Series” nominee. It’s also slightly salty, just like we will be if Hopper doesn’t win “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series”.

Handmaid’s Tale & Red Witch

This show is not only powerful but has a bit of a sting, a perfect pairing for paprika-rubbed Red Witch from Switzerland. Both are so good it’s scary and will always leave you wanting more.

Atlanta & Goat Cheese With Grilled Peaches

This pairing is a little obvious for a show so full of wit and surprise. Treat yourself to the last peaches of the season, grilled, and slathered in goat cheese as you cheer on this Comedy in all five nominated categories.

Game of Thrones & Beemster XO Extra Aged Gouda

Dramatic, historical, and popular, both Game of Thrones and Beemster’s Gouda are iconic in their own right. While one will take you back to a fictional history full of dragons and dungeons, the other will take your taste buds on a journey more epic than finding out Jon Snow’s true identity.

Ultimately, no matter what you’ll be watching for, don’t be afraid to get a little bit cheesy. And make sure to thank us in your imaginary acceptance speech…

Kate Young

Kate is neither a monger nor a maker, simply a lifetime cheese lover. You can catch her struggling to afford being a millennial in Los Angeles, melting into a Netflix puddle on her couch, or 'gramming her (delicious) way through life as @the.curd.nerd.

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