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The Tuscan Table: Exploring Pecorino

Pecorino is one of the most ubiquitous cheeses, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily well-known. There are a vast amount of pecorino varieties, many of which never make it to the average cheese consumer’s table. Luckily, we have Madame Fromage to educate us on the wide, wonderful world of pecorino — check out her blog post below.

If you’re someone who lumps all Pecorini (plural!) together or if you’ve always viewed Pecorino as a grating cheese, read on. In Italy, Pecorino (“little sheep”) varies widely, depending on the region, and these particular Pecorini from Tuscany are especially bright, balanced, and supple.

Or if you like to drink big, saucy reds, you should know a thing or two about sheep’s milk cheeses. They tend to be rustic, fatty-licious, and nuanced – in other words, they can handle lots of personality without getting bulldozered.

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Rebecca Haley-Park

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