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Two Cheeses Perfect for Grilled Burgers

Nope, we’re not here to talk about halloumi or other cheeses you can put directly on the grill — rather, we’re here to talk about super flavorful, melty cheeses, the ones perfect for cloaking your grilled burger. Two of ACS CCP Lincoln Broadbooks’ favorite grilled burger-toppers are Landaff, a rustic, semi-firm cow’s milk cheese with flavors of tangy buttermilk, savory-sweet brown butter, and aromas of grass and cave, and Alpine-style Alpha Tolman, the flavors of which can range from lactic to meaty depending on its age. Both cheeses are from the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont.

While the raw cow’s milk Landaff is young, it has a milky tanginess with some grassy flavors. As it matures, a savory-sweet caramelized flavor emerges in the cheese. The rind is edible so go for it. It brings a little cheese cave to the experience.

For your burger just slice it relatively thin. Also keep the rind on. The earthiness it carries to the burger kind of mimics the flavors of mushrooms.

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