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Video: Newborn Lamb Takes First Steps

If you can’t get enough of baby animals, stop whatever you’re doing and watch these two videos! We could barely contain ourselves watching this hours-old lamb teeter and totter on his spindly legs, attempting to take his first few successful steps. If you’re in need of more cute, follow the link to find an additional video where you can see the cute little guy in action just minutes after birth.

“This is Snow Cone’s baby lamb,” says Cuteporter Alex K. “His mother is a type of sheep called a St. Croix. His father is a European Mouflon, a wild breed of sheep. This created a hybrid lamb that is 50% wild. He was born right after midnight Wednesday morning. The first video I was lucky enough to capture him minutes after birth. Sadly, I missed the birth itself, but this is literally minutes later. It’s pretty amazing.”

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Photo via camelsandfriends/YouTube

Rebecca Haley-Park

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