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Any General Rules for Pairing Sparkling Wine with Cheese?

Any general rules for pairing sparkling wine with cheese?

Champagne, prosecco, sparkling rosé: All of these bubbly beverages are incredibly cheese-friendly. Standout partners include creamy bloomy rinds; crisp, fresh goat’s milk cheeses; and hard aged cheeses flavored with beer. (About the only no-no is super-salty fromage—think Pecorino Romano, feta, or some blues—that can overwhelm a sparkler’s nuances.) To taste: First try the sparkling wine, then the cheese, then a bit more wine. We find that a dry sparkling rosé adds more depth and balance to the pairing than plain prosecco or brut Champagne, but feel free to do your own research. Cheers!

Gianaclis Caldwell

Gianaclis Caldwell is the author of Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking, among other books. She manages the goat herd and cheesemaking operations at Pholia Farm Creamery in Oregon.