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Cheese Of The Day: Bufarolo




The only imported offering from Brooklyn’s Crown Finish Caves, Bufarolo’s journey begins at the Gritti family farm in Bergamo, Italy. Before it makes its transatlantic journey, Bufarolo is a young, fresh, and rindless buffalo milk block. But when it lands in Brooklyn, it’s washed and cave-aged for six to eight weeks for a total transformation.

As it matures, Bufarolo develops a thin natural rind that adds savoriness and umami to the paste’s bright and lemony flavor. The younger the cheese, the bolder the flavor from its rind. Overall, it’s milky and nutty with a touch of earth, mushrooms, and funk and a little pop of sweetness. Some batches receive special treatment, washed in farmhouse ale from local Transmitter Brewing, for a version that tastes less like earth and more like yeast.

Bold Bufarolo needs a drink pairing that tastes just as full—try a smoky stout or a full-bodied red like Syrah. An easy melter, it’s great atop roasted potatoes. Grated onto a radicchio salad, it’ll stand up well against the bitter leaves.

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