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Cheese Of The Day: Gruyère AOP 1655 Le Crêt

Gruyère AOP 1655 Le Crêt

Le Gruyère AOP 1655 Le Crêt

|Luh, Groo-YAIR|

Le Gruyère AOP 1655 Le Crêt highlights the best of Le Gruyère AOP, one of Switzerland’s most beloved and well-known cheeses. This Gruyère is worth savoring: Deliciously complex, its initial hit of salt dissipates into a nutty sweetness and a robust fruitiness with notes of earth and hay. Made by Fromagerie Le Crêt and aged by Fromage Gruyère, the well-matured Gruyère is firm and slightly flaky, often interspersed with bits of crystallized amino acid for added texture.

Fromage Gruyère was founded in 1916 as a public affineur to sustain the production of Gruyère in its traditional production zone. They launched the 1655 brand of Le Gruyère AOP as a way of distinguishing the most high-quality Gruyère. To qualify as 1655, a dairy’s cheeses are tested rigorously by a team of experts and graded on a scale up to 20 points using criteria including taste, texture, and consistency. This version, Le Gruyère AOP Le Crêt, has a five-year average of 19.67 points, and the creamery is one of only three to meet the 1655 criteria.

To let its complexity shine, snack on Gruyère alongside slices of apples or pears. It’s a great melting cheese too. Layer it generously in a wintry squash and mushroom strata, or try a sweet twist by adding it to caramel and then drizzle onto profiteroles. You can’t go wrong with classics: Broil Gruyère onto a crock of French onion soup.

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