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Cheese Of The Day: Hafod




Created by Holden Farm Dairy, Hafod is a traditional hard cheese that hails from Wales. Crafted on Wales’ longest certified organic dairy farm, Bwlchwernen Fawr, Hafod pays homage to traditional Welsh cheddars. The cheese’s name is fitting: Welsh for “a summer place, or pasture,” Hafod is robust and full of grassy flavor, with a sumptuous buttery quality owed to raw Ayrshire milk that’s known for its high fat and protein. It’s a reflection, too, of Bwlchwernen Fawr’s bucolic riverside location.

Hafod is made daily in small quantities. A slow ripening and coagulation process allows the Holdens to use lower temperatures in their cheesemaking, resulting in the cheese’s springy texture and brown butter flavor. In the style of many traditional cheddars, the young cheeses are wrapped in cloth and covered with a thin layer of lard for protection as they age.

Hafod pairs well with a wide range of beers, but especially pale ale. It also pairs nicely with oaked sauvignon blanc and fruit-forward red wines like pinot noir or Beaujolais. It’s a great table cheese when paired with fresh apples or pears, and dates. In cooking, try grating it over pasta for a refreshing twist, though it’s just as excellent in fondue.

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