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Cheese Of The Day: Hudson Flower

hudson flower

Hudson Flower


A riff on Corsica’s Fleur de Maquis, Hudson Flower is a sheep’s milk cheese that’s blooming with robust aromas of flowers and pine, reminiscent of early fall. With rich, milky paste, vibrant herbaceous flavor, and hoppy aromas, Hudson Flower calls to mind the changing of the seasons.

Hudson Flower starts at Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, where the young wheels are made in the style of Kinderhook, their creamy and earthy sheep’s milk cheese. Soon, they’re sent to the affineurs at Murray’s Cheese, where they dry, age, and then wash the wheels with mold cultures and add a coating of fresh rosemary, lemon thyme, marjoram, elderberries, and hop flowers. Murray’s ages the wheels for another month so more flora can develop on the rind.

Murray’s has been slinging cheese since 1940 and aging it since 2004, when the company had caves built beneath the shop. The caves have since expanded and moved to Murray’s facility in Long Island City, Queens. Their line of Cavemaster Reserve cheeses represents a partnership in which young cheeses from a variety of makers are finished by Murray’s affineurs.

With its lush verdant notes, Hudson Flower is dreamy alongside farmhouse ales like saison, biere de garde, or lambic and drizzled with wildflower honey. It’s a delightful treat reminiscent of warmer days.

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