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Cheese Of The Day: Idyll Pastures Spreadable

idyll pastures spreadable

Idyll Pastures Spreadable

|Ahyd-l; Pahs-cher_Z|

For a gateway into goat cheese, consider Minnesota’s Idyll Farms’ Idyll Pastures Spreadable. Made with their own pasture-fed French Alpine goats—a breed known for sweet and plentiful milk, and crazy cuteness—Spreadable Idyll Pastures is irresistibly soft and fluffy. A clean lemon start, luxurious mouthfeel, and the slightest hint of vanilla bean make this a versatile cheese, great for sweet or savory.

This super-fresh chèvre goes from milk to packaged cheese in just three days. Culture and animal rennet are added to gently-pasteurized milk and, after coagulation, the curds are drained using cheesecloth. Once the mixture has reached that smooth consistency, the cheese is packed into containers and sealed, giving it a shelf life of 60 days (but trust us, you won’t be able to wait that long).

Add a scoop of  Idyll Pastures Spreadable to any recipe that calls for goat cheese, or use it in sandwiches, dips, and salads. Mix it with cream cheese for one decadent cheesecake, or dollop onto roasted tomatoes and pesto when you’re craving something savory.

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